Over the past few months I have tried several organic mascaras. It is important to check the ingredients and make sure that nasties like phenoxyethanol are not included in the list.

Eyes are very delicate and it takes very little to irritate them. Potentially nasty ingredients, not throwing it away when it expires, sharing it with friends and other people are few of the issues that you may experience.

In this post I will compare the organic mascaras that i have tried so far and list them from the worst to the best. If you want to read the full review of each product click on the link and you will be redirected to the post and video dedicated to each one.


4) HONEYBEE GARDEN MASCARA: this mascara was a disappointment. It did not add any volume and I could not notice any significant result. The effect is very natural indeed (like not applying anything).

The formula in the tube dried out after a few weeks and it went straight in the bin. I would not suggest purchasing this mascara.

For the full review + demo and video click here


3) RMS BEAUTY VOLUMIZING MASCARA: the effect of this mascara is very nice. It coats the lashes and provides a little bit of volume (nothing crazy or major though). It does not clump but … it smudges like crazy. For a €28,00 mascara I would expect much, much, much more.

The wand does the job (it separates the lashes nicely) and the mascara should last 4 months after opening (if you can bear the smudging and you do not throw it away much earlier than the expiry date).

RMS is changing the formula and the wand. I think it is a sensible decision: unless you like the racoon eyes effect I would not suggest purchasing this mascara.

For the full review + demo + video click here



2) KJAER WEIS: the formula is the same as the mascara manufactured by Montalto that is sold at a significant cheaper price. This mascara is offered in the fancy packaging and in the refill form. I suggest going for the refill form as you save €10,00.

I am not crazy about this mascara as it clumps a lot. The lashes look glued together and it is not a look that I like. However, it does not smudge as badly as the RMS and I appreciate that it is super easy to take it off at night.

It is not my favourite and I would not repurchase it. The wand has bristles that are too rarefied and does not provide a fan like effect.

For the full review + demo + video click here


rms and kjaer weis_edited-1


1) ILIA BEAUTY: this is the very first organic mascara that I have tried and by far my favourite. It does everything I want a mascara to do: it volumes my eyelashes, it stays put (unless I rub my eyes, but it is not waterproof so I am OK). I like it does volumises my lashes and that it coat the lashes evenly.

It lasts 6 months after opening it and the formula does not dry out. It comes in several colours and the want is great: the shape helps to apply the mascara evenly on the top and bottom eyelashes.

I would definetely suggest purchasing this mascara: it is even better than most conventional ones.

For the full review + demo + video click here


My next purchase was the W3ll People mascara: it is an Elle Green Beauty Award Winner 2015. I need to finish of the RMS (aaarrrgggghhhhh!!!!!) before trying it.



Out of this 4 mascaras I would suggest to purchase the Ilia

Nightfall Mascara
from: The Detox Market


If you like the spider lash effect go for the Kjaer Weis instead


Alyaka UK/EU

from: The Detox Market



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