Hi everyone! The new Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer is due to be launched in Italy in mid-September. I have the possibility to offer the readers of my blog a special 30% off offer on the full price. Click on the link! (Italian residents only).

As you know I recommend only product that I use and products by brands that I trust. Over the past few weeks I have had the chance to upgrade my vacuum cleaners to Dyson (I am in love my V6 Moorhead!!!). I used their products back in the days when I was living in the UK and I must say that I am impressed by how their technology has evolved. I own also the fan (yes, the one without the blades) and I was really interested when I saw the new hairdryer.

What’s so new about it, at the end of the day a hairdryer is a hairdryer. Well, not anymore!


DESIGN: you would notice that the Dyson Supersonic does not look as your typical hairdryer: it has a hole in the middle and there is no motor in the head.

It comes in two colours: grey and fucsia and grey and white.


Dyson supersonic


MOTOR AND SUPER QUICK: this is a brand new technology that allows Dyson to put the motor in the handle (yep) and to dry your hair super fast. Dyson invested 70 million euros to develop the Supersonic Hairdryer.


FRIZZ TAMER: the element that really gets me interested is the ability of the Dyson Supersonic to regulate the temperature (every 20 seconds a micro chip checks that it stays stable and that it is not going to burn your ears/scalp).

It comes with three attachments: a smoothing nozzle, a styling concentrator and a diffuser (for gals and guys with curly hair). All the attachments are magnetic.


Dyson supersonic


WEIGHT: no more sore arms, this weights 500 grams! As it takes less time to dry your hair it means also less “arm exercise” to tame your mane.


SOUND: the pitch is different from the normal hairdryers and it is not as noisy. It is not noise free: it means that you can have a conversation whilst you dry your hair without having to scream and shout like crazy!


If you live in Italy and are interested in the product click on the link below and receive a special offer on the full price. 

Please note that this discount applies only to readers that are based in Italy. Click on the link below and fill in the form. You can use the coupon between 12th September and 12th October 2016.

Update: 10th September – due to the high amount of requests the special offer has now expired. If you have booked your coupon before 10th September you can still use it up to 12th October.


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