I must admit that I am not a fan when it comes to cleaning the house. Everything that can make the task easier is welcome. I own a Dyson V6, which has changed my life (no, I am not exaggerating)!!

My friends make fun of me as I use the V6 all the time: being cordless it is super easy to pick up and use (no wire), it is super light and I really like it.

The DysonV8 (the new and more powerful “brother”) has just launched in Italy. I got my eyes on it when, a few months ago, it appeared on the UK market.


Dyson V8


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Why would you want to consider buying a cordless vacuum cleaner? After all, they have a reputation for not being powerful enough. Well, if you believe this myth you have not tried a Dyson cordless yet!!



The V6 lasts for 20 minute  – which is great, but the V8 battery lasts for 40 minutes, which is more than enough to clean the whole house and to clean the whole car (you may actually mean a double decker bus).  There is also an indicator that shows how much “fuel” is left!

It comes with its docking station and it is easy to recharge it when not in use. The docking station can be easily attached to the wall (two fisher screws and the job is done). It is possible to store the attachments the Dyson V8 comes with directly on the docking station.


Dyson V8



The Dyson V8 works on wooden floor, tiles, carpet and does the job very well. Nothing to envy to the traditional plug in vacuum cleaner. I like that it is light (2,6 kg) and that I can use it to clean the floor but also the ceiling.

It comes with 2 attachments and it easily transforms into a handheld for quick clean ups, spot cleaning and cleaning difficult places. You are buying a 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner basically!


Dyson v8


I like that it is cordless and this makes it very handy. I have not realised the difference a cordless vacuum cleaner makes up to when I got the Dyson: it is much easier to pick it up, it works everywhere and I don’t have to look for a plug and then get stuck because the wire got tangled up or is not long enough to reach the corner that I want to clean!


Dyson V8

It captures allergens and expels cleaner airHygeinic dirt ejector – ejects dust from the bin in a single action (you don’t have to touch the dirt!).

It is not as noisy as the traditional vacuum cleaners. It is 50% more silent. It also has a boost function that literally vacuums the heck out of it!


Dyson V8


Wash and go: no need to purchase filters or bags. Once a month you take out the filters, wash them under cold water and let them dry for 24 hours. Put them back and you are ready to go. No additional costs.

Dyson V8


Why upgrading? As much as I love my V6 the only issue that I have is its battery life: 20 minutes is great, but 40 minutes is better. I like to pick my Dyson cordless up for everything: after having eaten, to clean in the corners, to quickly clean the floor in the evening when i come home for work – it gets the job done quickly and in an very effective way.

I am not a fan when it comes to cleaning the house, but since the Dyson cordless has enterer my life I have fun using it. Yes, also my friends and family noticed that I always find an “excuse” to use it!!


For Italian residents only: I can offer the readers of my blog a coupon with a special offer on the price of the DysonV8. Please click on the link below:



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