I was invited to the official launch of the Dyson Supersonic in Milan on 15th September 2016 and I said “wow, of course I am coming!”.

I own several products by Dyson (I love my fan and my V6 cordless vacuum cleaner), so I was curious to see the Dyson Supersonic in action. Hairdryers have been the same for +50 years and no one thought to give them a technological boost. Here comes Dyson and the Supersonic!

They spent +50 million pounds to develop this product and there are several technological elements to consider (and that explain the price tag):

  • the motor is in the handle and not in the head: it is super powerful and super light. The reason the hairdryer is called supersonic is that, in order to make it powerful and yet not too noisy, Dyson added 13 blades and took the pitch to supersonic sound level!
  • In order to manufacture the components of the motor Dyson has to use machinery that is used in Germany for defence reasons. Of course Dyson had to explain that the use of the machinery and material was to fight the hair damage!
  • The hairdryer is very light and yet very powerful: the characteristic is that it has a microchip that makes sure the temperature does not go above 150 degrees (the microchip checks the temperature every 20 seconds). This ensures that the hair is not damaged by the heat and that it looks shiny and healthy.
  • The attachments are magnetic (how cool is that!) and they do not become hot with use. No more burning scalp, ears and fingers!!
  • 3 speeds, 3 hot temperatures and a cool button
  • 3 colours available on the market: white, hot pink and gun metal


THE EVENT IN MILAN – 15th September 2016

I was invited to attend the event in a location in central Milan, near Porta Garibaldi.

The managing director of Dyson Italia introduced the event and explained that the Supersonic is now available in Italy at Sephora. They will have the exclusive for 2 months. It will then be distributed also by MediaWorld (an exclusive for two months).

Starting from the beginning of 2017 the Dyson Supersonic will be available in selected locations where it is possible to create specific areas to give the customers the possibility to try the product (I hope that they will make an exception for Amazon and that it will be included in the distributors as I love purchasing my products on Amazon!!).




Simon, a Dyson engineer, explained the research and the technology ┬ábehind the Dyson Supersonic (see bullet points above). It was interesting to know that Dyson made sure that the hairdryer is very sturdy: they bashed it in every possible way, got a man weighting 120 kilos to jump on it and also chunked it in a bucket of water (please don’t try these experiments at home!!). The Supersonic survived all these tests!!


simon-tyson supersonic hairdryer


In the second part of the event hairstylist to the stars Salvo Filetti (Compagnia della Bellezza) showed us 4 different hairstyles that he and his team created with the Dyson Supersonic: from a wavy lob to a sultry Ava Gardner style.


salvo-filetti dyson supersonic


Dyson allowed the guests to try the Dyson Supersonic and I was lucky enough to have a member of Salvo’s team to get my hair done: super sleek and soft hair on a very rainy day in Milan.


hairddresser-dyson supersonic


I took a selfie (with my styled hair) and filmed a review video that I posted on YT – see below.


dyson-isa-selfie hairdryer supersonic


I hope that Santa will bring me the Dyson Supersonic for Christmas … who knows, maybe it will happen!


[video_player type=”youtube” width=”560″ height=”315″ align=”center” margin_top=”0″ margin_bottom=”20″]aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cueW91dHViZS5jb20vd2F0Y2g/dj1Pbm9HUzMtZzZDcw==[/video_player]



This is NOT a sponsored review/video. I was not paid to post this review/video. Opinions are my own.