I am a great fan of independent brands and I like to support businesses that consist of great ideas and that reflect my values. RiutBag is one of those businesses.

Created by Sarah Giblin just a few years ago, it is a new way of using the backpack: rather than having all the zippers and pockets on the outside, it is reversed! I travel a lot by pubic transports and when the tube or the train are packed I worry about something being nicked from my backpack. Well, not anymore.

Sarah has self founded the company and then uses crowdfunding to improve and manufacture new versions of the RiutBag. I got mine in blue and the model is the Go (ideal to hang around in the city and for trips).

It has 12 litres capacity, which is more than enough when I do not have to take my laptop with me. Up to 27th November 2016 RiutBag is having a special free delivery worldwide: use this code TRAVELSAFE16. I am not an affiliate, I believe in this product and I much prefer to support independent businesses created by clever talents, than multi national companies that charge me an arm and a leg for their over priced trash.



The RiutBag has all the zippers “inside”, in contact with your shoulders and back. I makes it harder for thieves to get their hands into your backpack!

picture riutbag backpack



It is very sturdy and there is a great attention to detail. The quality of the materials is excellent. I am very impressed.


picture riutbag backpack particular


Inside the RiutBag Go there is a small pocket where you can put your daily/montlhy tickets, your house keys, your business cards or other small items.

picture riutbag backpack pocket




There is also a bigger flat pocket where you can easily put your iPad or flat documents. I use the iPad a lot when I am around as I use it to read newspapers, books and magazines. It fits perfectly and no risk to break it.

picture riutbag backpack internal pocket for iPad


Every RiutBag has its own tag stating the model and the cycle of production. This is because Sarah listens to her customers and their ideas and keeps on improving an already fantastic product. Every now and then there is a new release with additional improvement.

picture riutbag backpack logo



It has adjustable straps. It is very comfortable, waterproof and very smart. I love how clean the design is.





If you are looking for your next backpack, if you want to make a great present and want to sustain independent business with a great product buy a RiutBag. I am not sponsored and I am not an affiliate.

I bought my RiutBag and paid it £29.00. Absolutely worth every penny!

The RiutBag Go is a limited edition and you can find also bigger backpacks with more features on the RiutBag website.



Up to 27th November 2016 RiutBag is having a special free delivery worldwide: use this code TRAVELSAFE16. For more info on the RiutBag check their website www.riut.co.uk




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