As 2016 has not been the best – too many talented people died (from Price to David Bowie, from Zaha Hadid to Franca Sozzani) and politically it was insane (terrorist attacks all over the world, Brexit and Trump elected as Potus).

I decided to switch gears and look for some positive inspiration for 2017.



I found The Happiness Planner totally by chance: I follow on Instagram and they showed this new line they are now carrying. I made some researches online to see what it was about and I decided to purchase it.


There are several versions and I decided to go for the 52-weeks: I can start whenever I want and I am not bound to a specific year (if you want you can get the 2017 version). There are two colours available: the apricot version – it’s the one that I got – and the dark blue version.


I am a sucker for good quality paper and well laid out agendas/calendars. The aim of The Happiness Planner is to help us focus on the positive things in life as our attitude, the way we react to what life throws at us has a great impact on the way we see the world and on ur happiness.



I filmed a video in which I explain how The Happiness Planner is laid out.


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Here are some pictures that show you the way The Happiness Planner is organised.


The weekly pages:



The weekly reflections:


The 52 weeks review