I am a massive Dr Alkaitis fan and his Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil is one of my HG products. Last year Dr Alakitis launched the Organic Ageless Facial elixir: I was disappointed as the price point is steep and also I was surprised they mentioned ageless in the name of the product as Dr Alkaitis has always been unfazed by marketing (another reason to like this brand even more).

However, leaving aside the questionable name, I had the chance to try a sample of this oil. Does it work?



PERFORMANCE: the oil is very easy to press into the face and a little goes a long way. However, the first thing that I noticed is the strong and persistent scent. I am very sensitive to scents and this can be a deal breaker. It smells of toffee (more precisely of Turkish Delight!). Not a good scent for me.

But what about the performance? I used it day and night and it is a nice product. Worth nearly 200 euros for 30ml? No, in my opinion. I still prefer my HG from the same line Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil.

This oil did not help soothing my dry skin: this winter I have had the “stinging” sensation (it is like someone is putting needles in my dry skin, which is not pleasant) and this oil did not calm the sensation. It took the De Mamiel Intense Nurture Antioxidant Elixir to sort out the issue. Hence, I was disappointed. I tried it again with warmer weather (end of February) and it is doing better. But for a 170 euros face oil I would expect it to do the job, regardless the weather.

So I am not impressed with this Ageless Facial Elixir and I am not going to purchase the full bottle: first of all the price is too high; furthermore, it does not perform as I expected (the much cheaper Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil is much better) and I cannot stand the strong toffee scent.



INGREDIENTS: A holistic intermingling of Dr. Alkaitis’ Skin Renewing and Rejuvenating Organic Oil Complex (a blend of virgin cold-pressed andiroba*, buriti*, pequi*, marula*, ximenia*, pracaxi*, copaiba*, maracuja*, acai*, jojoba*, sacha inchi* and tamanu* oils); Dr. Alkaitis’  Skin Youth-Enhancing Organic Herbal Complex (made up of organic shatavari*, ashwaganda*, amalaki*, black musli*, red sage*, gotu kola*, hawthorne*, rosehips*, arjuna*, vacha*, wakameº, saffron*, tulsi*, rosemary*, bala*, seabuckthorn*, kombuº, neem*, codonopsis*, manjista*, turmeric*, ginseng*, echinacea* and lemon balm*); full spectrum natural non-GMO vitamin E complex (D- alpha, beta, gamma, delta tocopherols and tocotrienols); and a blend of 100% pure essential oils.

* certified organically grown

º ethically wild-crafted


SCENT: very prominent and annoying if you are sensitive to scents. It is also very lingering. Not my cup of tea!


HOW TO USE IT: it can be used by itself or under a moisturiser. As I have dry skin I use a moisturising cream as well in winter as by itself this face oil is not enough.

A couple/three  drops in the morning and at night are enough. Warm them into your fingers and press the oil on your face and neck.





30ml. It is contained in a glass bottle with a dropper.




Content Beauty 


Detox Market




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I purchased the product with my money. It was NOT sent by PR and I did not receive any money to post this review.

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