The Lavera Base Sensitive Cream is one of those products that do perform and that do not cost a fortune. This is a multitasked and can be used after the shower/bath to moisturise the body, as a hand cream, to soothe rough patches.


PERFORMANCE: it does the job. A little goes a long way and it is rather concentrated. i like to apply it in layers as it can be a little bit greasy.

I let it dry well (it takes a few minutes) in order to avoid the clothes sticking on my skin. Overall it s a very good product for the small price tag. It is aimed at people with sensitive skin and it is better suited for individuals with normal to dry skin as it is super concentrated and moisturising.




SCENT: it smells slightly of shea butter and it is not persistent or annoying.


HOW TO USE IT: it is a multi-tasker. I use it on my hands, body, feet and when I need some extra moisturising power. i do not use it on the face and neck, as it contains too much alcohol (it is used as a preservative).



it is a thick paste and it requires a little bit of massage to sink into the skin. It does not sit on the surface (it does not contain silicones!)





A straightforward circular tin with a lid.


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