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RMS BEAUTY – UNCOVER UP Foundation/Concealer

I am a big fan of RMS Beauty products: they are packed full with nourishing ingredients, no nasty chemicals in sight. I like the simplicity of the range, the fact that the products can easily be applied with fingers and that they are very effective. The RMS uncover up is one of the very first products of the line that I have tried. I was immediately hooked!   PERFORMANCE: the product is a multi taker as it can be used as a foundation and as a concealer. It does not crease when applied under the eyes or on fine...

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Creamy tofu + peas soup

I love creamy soups, especially when the weather is cold . This is a soup that can be easily carried around and eaten at work or on the ski slopes. SERVES: 2 PREPARATION TIME: 60 minutes. INGREDIENTS: 100 grams of tofu (home made or bio – I buy it at the health shop) 80 grams of frozen mushrooms (i like to use porcini as they are more tasty) 1 litre of vegetable stock (I use the organic granular) 1/3 cup of fresh parsley 3 medium potatoes 80 grams of frozen peas 3cm of leek extra virgin olive oil salt (hymalaian pink if...

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Over the past 20 years I have spent a fortune in products aimed at getting rid of frizz. Enough said that in 99,9% of the cases they did not work and were packed full with silicone. When the weather is humid I may look like the Lion King. In this post and video I will show you how to tame flyaways in hair. Silicone (also called dimethicone) is a nasty ingredient because: – it cannot be recycled as it is not biodegradable – if inhaled stays with you and your body (not a very happy relationship, is it!) –...

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Welcome to istylenotes. What is it? This is a guide to beauty and style without the marketing hype. Nowadays we are bombarded with adverts telling us that every single product is miraculous, how we have to look, how we have to behave, what we have to buy. Everything is in the name of profit. How come that cream A by a brand is supposed to be miraculous yet they launch another cream 2 months later that is even more miraculous than the previous one!! This is pure marketing hype. Let’s get savvy! I have been a “researcher” of makeup,...

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The Editor

The Editor

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