About Istylenotes

My name is Isabella and I am the “person behind” istylenotes. The name of this blog stands for Isabella Style Notes. I am passionate about beauty, health, nutrition & style. But I am also very picky and I do not take marketing fluff at face value. Over the past 20 years I have purchased lots of lotions and poisons, read lots of books, magazines and reports. I have a degree in law and two masters’ degrees. I believe that my legal background is one of the main reasons why I like searching for the truth behind the allure of the beauty/fashion/health industries. This is why you found a marketing un-hype section in this blog! Lots of people (friends, family and also strangers in the street!) stop me and ask me for info about where I bought an item, what foundation I use, how to find reliable products.

I started a YouTube channel (MissEffortlesslyChic) and over the past +5 years I was surprised as most of the viewers comments were about how honest my opinions and reviews are as it is not something that is popular nowadays with social media. I am not willing to sell my soul for free products or to make money via PR sponsorships and say that something is great even when it is not!! If I try something that I like I say it, if I don’t like it I say it as well. I am transparent and if I use affiliate links I clearly state when it is the case and will use them only if I like a product. You will see a minimum amount of banners and I am very transparent about what they are about.

I think it is time to put things back in perspective and to navigate through the ocean of fake info in a savvy and educated way. Let’s say no to fluff, disingenuous marketing and manipulative practices! Let’s be savvy consumers.

Why green beauty?

You would notice that I will refer mostly to organic products. That’s because most of the conventional products are packed full with nasty chemicals. I am also keen to support small companies and entrepreneur that started their venture because of a true passion for what they do and not because they want to make as much money as possible. Also with fashion, I prefer to support small businesses than the big brands that manufacture their products at low cost and sell them for a 1000% mark up.

About this website

PR / Product Enquiries 
We do not make sponsored reviews nor accept money to make reviews.
I do not advertise any brand and do not sign contracts that impose to post only positive reviews or sponsor brands. I do not post reviews relating to products that I have not tested myself. I do NOT accept any compensation to post positive reviews on my blog. As I said, I take ethics and honesty very seriously.

Being savvy consumers starts with being informed and saying no to what does not work for us

The opinions expressed in this blog are entirely my own and I value honesty and ethics. I am NOT affiliated with any brand, therefore I remain impartial and unbiased towards one organisation.
Please note that I am not a qualified dermatologist nor a qualified doctor. The opinions that I share are based on personal experience. If you have issues with your skin or/and with your diet please contact a qualified specialist. The products that work for me may not work for you. Take your health seriously, you have only one!
Affiliate Links
In the case I use affiliate links I add a disclaimer. Every post that has affiliate links clearly states that if a person makes a purchase using that link Istylenotes.com will be paid a commission on the price paid for that product.  All my reviews are honest (you will find both positive and less enthusiastic reviews about products) and I do not suggest purchasing products if they did not work for me. Honesty and ethics are very important and we are not sell outs, at all.
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The images used in these posts have been taken by myself. Please do not use any of the images without first contacting me.  Any images used must link back to this site and be credited accordingly.
I reserve the right to delete any comments that could be deemed offensive to either myself or others. All the comments posted in this blog are moderated. If any comment contains discriminatory or harassing remarks the individual will be reported accordingly.